Hello! My real name is Chris, but i’m known as Kompresshun on social media and on forums around the internet. I’m currently in my 30’s, married to a woman that’s well out of my league and we have two beautiful daughters together. I grew up involved in the automotive industry from the beginning, thanks to a father that was a mechanic by trade and also a racer, along with other family members that were also into cars as well. My father had me helping him in the garage at a young age, working on Volkswagens primarily but also a wide variety of other makes. I remember sitting in a yellow Volkswagen Beetle shifting gears and pretending to drive, while my father worked on it very well. From that point on, I wanted to get my hands on anything I could with wheels. Every model car or toy I got, would almost immediately get taken apart and then I would attempt to reassemble it. I then moved on to Power Wheels and Go Karts, but it didn’t seem like long after that I began working on cars and learning how to drive them. 

My father restored a 77 Datsun 280Z for me to be my first car, although I never was able to drive it on the road because my mother thought it was too fast for a 16 year old boy to drive(she was probably right, seeing as I already had my fathers lead foot). So the Z ended up being sold and I ended up driving an 88 Mercury Grand Marquis for my first car, which I absolutely despised. Shortly after getting my drivers license I was able to get a red 89 Ford Ranger, which was a massive step up in cool compared to the boring beige Grand Marquis. I drove that truck everywhere and spent a lot of time modifying it over the years. From there I continued to add more vehicles to the list and the obsession never resided. Although i’m much older now with a family and a lot more responsible, I still am always shopping for the next project and planning modifications to the current fleet whenever possible. Currently I own a 2014 Infiniti Q50 and my old faithful 2005 Nissan Pathfinder Offroad, which you can read more about over at NICOclub.com.

As for my career, I started my own automotive detailing business when I was 16 years old for extra cash, but once I turned 17 I started my first retail job working at Advance Auto Parts on the counter and mostly worked in the auto parts industry for quite a few years after that. After that I moved into the heavy duty truck and heavy equipment industry, where I worked for nearly 10 years. A few years ago, I decided that I needed to make some career changes, as I wasn’t happy at all and I decided to start my own business – oddly enough detailing cars once again nearly 20 years later. So far Bluegrass AutoWerx has proved to be a successful venture for myself and has allowed me more time with my family, along with allowing me to pursue the things I enjoy more.

In addition to the above, I also enjoy writing and spending as much time as possible involved in the automotive industry. My dream job is to eventually at some point become more involved with some sort of publication, magazine, or online video content covering the automotive industry and talking about the one subject I know the most about – anything the has an engine and can been driven in anger. 

I’m sure I left out plenty of my history, but that’s it for now. Follow along here, or you can find me on social media as Kompresshun, along with most forums i’m a member of.